Thank YOU!


You guys. I cannot thank you enough for your purchase of these mobile presets and I’m so dang excited for you to start using them asap! I’ve worked so hard to make them as easy to use and where with one click, your photos are transformed. I still get surprised and giddy when I apply one of my presets to a mobile photo and it looks amazing haha…and I knew that would happen.

I also want to be upfront with you and tell you that sometimes, not most, but sometimes you may apply a preset and it doesn't look as good. This can happen and usually it’s with photos where the quality isn’t that great to begin with. No you most certainly do not need to know how to take amazing photos to get these presets to deliver, but if the sun is crazy strong one day and it gets all up in your photo, it’s going to create some issue. That’s just how it works. But no need to fear. Below you will find a bunch of different scenarios you may run into that I will walk you through and show you how to fix.

I’m not telling you this because I think the preset won’t look great. I know they are going to rock your world! I’m telling you this because other people who sell presets will say, “ Your photos will look amazing with one click,” BUT what they don’t tell you is that they also may not at times. Not only that, they don’t tell you how to fix it.

I want you to have a successful experience with these presets just as I do and so many others have thus far. So, check out the short videos below when you have a moment and start enjoy these awesome little gems I’ve created for you.

*Don’t forget to use the hashtag #thedailylenspresets so I can check out your photos. I frequently will re-post people using my presets in my stories.


I applied the preset and it’s way too bright


My photo seems too blue


My photo is super yellow or orange


Whoa! That color seems a little too vibrant.


MY photo is very heavy looking and too defined


I hope these helped you. If you have any other questions or need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to email me at I’d love to help.