How and Why My Photography Journey Started.


Did you know my love for taking photos was born from an obsession with editing? I know that’s backwards right? Yes it’s true, I got my first dslr when Max was born, but that’s not how it all started for me. .

When Jordan and I were married and received our wedding photos, I was devastated. The photos were not that great (that’s being nice). The saying “ you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more true. This was both our second marriage so of course we were trying to stick within a strict budget for the wedding. And when it came to the photographer, I just wanted someone to snap photos. They didn’t have to be award winning. I just wanted good shots of us on our special day. Well, we apparently hired someone who didn’t know what they were doing 😬 Most of the photos were taken below eye level, which you know I love at times, but when I was walking down the isle, or saying my vows?! Plus he used a super wide angle lens 🤦🏻‍♀️ You guys, let’s just say the photos did not look like me...or my husband. Yikes!

So being the “I’m going to find a way to make this work” kind of person I am, I was determined to learn how to edit and fix the photos. I wanted to show me and my husband as we really were that day, not the way a distorted lens and a bad angle was showing us.

I went to town, editing and transforming my photos and I started to LOVE it. When I was finished with my wedding photos, I began looking at other iPhone photos I had on my computer and began playing around with those. Friends began asking me if I could “fix” their photos. Then one day I ran out of photos to edit. I needed more. So I began looking at Nikon cameras. I didn’t really know if it was worth the investment though. And then, bam, I got pregnant with Max. What better excuse to buy an expensive camera than when you are having your first child. So when Max was born I started taking photos and as I began using that camera my obsession with editing diminished and a new one started. I wanted to learn how to use my camera and take great photos. I was in love! And that’s how it all got started. Now, the journey I’ve been on ever since…well, that an entire new blog post I’ll share one day soon.



Tia Costello