3 Things To Start Doing Today To Capture Better Everyday Photos


My favorite thing about photography is capturing memories and I believe capturing everyday moments should be a priority. But where do you start? The thought can be a little overwhelming, so I have a few things that I do when photographing my everyday life that I want to share with you.


1. Keep your camera close

Have that phone close to you and take it everywhere you go. DSLR or phone. Yeah I know you’re thinking, “really, everywhere?” Yes everywhere! One of my favorite photos is of Max inside of a Whole Foods. Yes some people looked at me like I was crazy walking around with a giant camera, but so what? I never saw them again and I have this amazing moment that we can look back on that totally explains Max’s personality at the time. And for my big girl camera peeps, have a lens on your camera that allows you to easily take photos in your home. The wider the lens, the better.

2. Make A list

One of the things I did when I first started out is sit down and compose a list of things I want to document. My kids eating cereal, or when they play with each other, or bath time, like this photo. Finley used to love taking a bath in my tub and watch the water come out of the faucet as I turned it on 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Think about what happens in your life everyday that you want to capture and go for it!

3. Look for the light

Always be aware of the light wherever you are and use it to your advantage. That could be as simple as opening the blinds or changing your position. And when your kids are doing something that you want to document, but maybe they are in a dark spot, move them close to a window. It’s still a natural everyday moment, your just now closer to the light.

Tia Costello