Which Camera Lens is the Best?


Okay I’m just going to go ahead and say it, there isn’t one perfect lens out there. It just depends on your style and what you want to photograph. However, when I was starting out and I believe this applies to many new photographers out there, the 50mm lens was #AHHHHMAZING! You may have heard it referred to the “Nifty Fifty,” as there are many reasons why.


The 50mm lens can really be used for so many types of shoots, except of course super wide angle shots and super close up ones as well. But aside from that, it’s the perfect middle of the road length to still allowing you variety.

A 50mm is closest to how our eyes see, allowing you to create both gorgeous portraits and landscape photos. The sky is the limit! And with this versatility, you won’t have to be carrying around so many different lenses to get that perfect shot you’re looking for. The 50mm will have you covered.

Bokeh baby!

That’s right, you can get some great bokeh with a 50mm. When I first got my entry level camera, I was a bit disapointed with the lack of “ wow factor” my kit lens was giving me. I was hoping to get those creamy and dreamy backgrounds, but it just wasn’t happening…no matter what I tired. And then I took the plunge and invested in a very affordable 50mm 1.8 lens and my life as a photographer began. I fell in love.

This lens allowed me to manipulate my aperture to a point where I could make those awesome blurry backgrounds happen. Heres one of the very first photos I took with my 50mm.

_DSC56y96 copy.jpg

OMG how cute is my little 1 year old Max? Can anyone say DIAPER CHANGE?!!! What was I thinking letting him walk around like that? HAHA And don’t get me started on that horrible, giant logo. Goodnesss, I may save that topic for another blog post. Anyway, Do you see how I was able to achieve that blurry background? Yeah, I tried that with the kit lens and nada. But with the 50mm, my bokeh dreams started to come true.

Here is another photo from my earlier days with my ninety fifty. Sweet baby buddies.

theboysatthelake copy-2.jpeg

Another reason to love the 50mm lens is…

It’s affordable!

Talk about a Big Bang for your buck. When you shop for most lenses, you’ll find that they can put a pretty big hole in your pocket. I’m talking thousands. Especially when it’s a lens as versatile and reliable as the 50mm. However, that just isn’t the case with this one. For a couple hundred bucks, you can walk away with an entire new look to your photos.

Wide open Apertures

WHat’s so great about wide open apertures you ask? More light and bokeh.

To get that creamy blurry background, you need have a wide open aperture most of the time. Remember how I said (up above) that my kit lens wasn’t giving me those gorgeous bokeh backgrounds I was wanting? That’s because kit lenses do not let you move your aperture much lower than 5.6. Not only does that not allow for the blur, but you also stops you from letting a lot of light into your camera, limiting you with other settings and adjustments, (and I’m talking manual mode here) such as ISO and Shutter speed.

But pop a 50mm on your camera and you’ll be able to get some pretty good shots in low light situations and that blur you’re looking for.


It’s easy to carry around

This thing can fit in your purse ladies! Yes that’s right, this lens is small and compact and won’t make you look like And the fact that it isn’t a very large lens makes it even possible to store away while still attached to your camera. Not only that, its super light weight and won’t make you exhausted from lugging it around all day on shoots.

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