A Letter to Finley


Some say she’s my “mini me” and although, physically I do not see it, I definitely hear it. So much of who she is, is me and I’m proud. I’m also a little anxious about parenting her as she grows. If she really is anything like me, I know what’s to come and I want to tell her this...

You’re unique, strong and already so confident. You’ll want so much out of life and find ways to make it happen. You’ll be bubbly and fun, but most of the time crave quiet for yourself to figure things out. You’ll feel so much and struggle with being pulled in different directions. You’ll confuse the ones you love with your own confusion. You’ll find it hard to express yourself and need creative outlets. You’ll struggle with temptation. You’ll feel uncomfortable with normal and be drawn to going against the grain. No one you know will probably understand this. And just by being yourself, you’ll feel a lot of rejection.

But with all of this, if you stay true to yourself and be proud of YOU, life will be so much easier and less noisy.

Because guess what? It’s okay to be a both an extrovert an introvert. There isn’t one specific way of being that defines us. Be it all if you want to be. We aren’t suppose to have everything figured out. Expressing your feelings can be done in beautiful ways and doesn’t have to be held inside festering if you can’t find the words. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t or shouldn’t create, especially as a career. Yes, temptations are there and they test us, but our strength to sustain will be rewarded. Going outside of the box and doings what feels right to you is what you were made for. It will take you so far in life. And not everyone will like you, and that’s okay. Because there will be so many people out there who do and the relationships you choose to make will be real and last forever.

Although I expect you to experience some of these things, maybe you won’t. You may experience life in a completely different way. And whatever beautiful way that is, as your mom, I pray I have the wisdom and patience to teach you how to handle life in your own way, and not anyone else’s. Including mine.

So look in the mirror and own that person you see staring back at you. Life is so much sweeter that way!

In the words of your Mawzie and Charolette from Charolettes Web, “Chin up.”

Much love my baby girl,


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