What are Presets?

After posting on IG about some of the presets I use, I’ve gotten a few DMs asking what presets were. And I realized, some of you don’t know, just like me when I first started out in photography. So, for those of you who find yourself in that boat, I want to let you in on a little secret about post processing today. There is a faster way to edit your photos! YES, you don’t have to hand edit each one, trying to remember the exact same techniques you used on the previous photos. There is an easier way.  


Presets are the way Adobe Lightroom saves a set of editing adjustments so that multiple photos can easily re - apply the same adjustments.

For example, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, and much more, are things that you can change on a Lightroom photo with a preset. And these adjustments are what determines how your photo looks, so by the click of a button you can apply all of these setting to a number of photos you have to edit. This is amazing when you have, let’s say, 50 photos to edit from a session and you want them all to have the same look and feel.

Play the short video below to watch me apply a preset to a photo. Notice how quickly the colors and tones are changed. No additional adjustments are being made.

Have you ever used a filter in Instagram or VSCO, or any other phone editing app? If so, then you’re probably starting to understand what I’m talking about here. A preset is the same thing as a filter, just Lightroom’s version.

So why not just edit photos from my phone? Why should I use Lightroom? Well, Lightroom’s presets are super comprehensive. Even though apps such as Instagram offer 10 - 15 different settings that can be applied to a photo, Lightroom has more than 100 different settings available. Presets can include any combination of these adjustments to create an almost endless number of unique looks. And this is super awesome if you want to create a certain look and feel for your IG feed that no one else has. I would highly recommend a preset for that for sure!


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